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Wait Over For WSOP Main Event Final Table

Every sport has gone through some evolution or another.

Instant replay in the National Football League, composite sticks in the National Hockey League, goalie-style masks for catchers in Major League Baseball; every professional sports league in North America hasn’t been immune to change.

Poker saw an innovation with the introduction of the camera that captures “hole cards” and that was crucial for television poker and now one of the world’s premier poker tournaments is evolving as well.

The World Series of Poker has been “shuffling up and dealing” since 1968 and the event has grown exponentially.

Back in 1971, the WSOP’s main event buy-in was only a “measly” $5000, at least in comparison to this year’s $10,000 entrance fee.

Jerry Yang was the NL Hold'em main event winner last year and took home $8.25 million while this year’s winner will take an estimated $9.12 million, at least according to an earlier report from the Canadian Press.

The latest World Series of Poker evolution sees a longer break for the final table.

In the past, there would be a day break between the time the field was weeded down to the last nine players and the playing of the final table.

This year’s last nine players were determined back in mid-July and thanks to a format change, they haven’t played since.

Earlier in the year, the WSOP announced that there would be approximately three months in between Day 7 of the main event and the final table.

Winneronline had the opportunity to talk to a couple of poker professionals before the World Series of Poker took place this year and both saw positives and negatives with the break.

“Because there have been declining numbers in the poker world, [the three month break] is a good thing,” said “Yukon” Brad Booth.

“But the part I truly don't appreciate is the fact that, there are a bunch of amateurs, generally, that make the Final Table and now they're going to have three months to be able to increase their skills or have someone teach them.”

“It's great because they get the endorsements but as a whole, I'd like to see the tournament go from start to finish [with no break], it changes the whole dynamic.”

Meanwhile, Gavin Smith admitted he wasn’t exactly a fan but wasn’t as dead set against it.

“It could be good possibly, I know some people are concerned about safety but I'm not so sure it's such a huge issue,” said Smith.

"I think three months might be a little bit long but I'm basically willing to try anything. If it doesn't work, it doesn't work."

Play at the final table will begin this coming Sunday, November 9, 2008 and will go until the 10th.

The last nine players go as follows; chip counts are in parentheses:

-Dennis Phillips (26,295,000)
-Ivan Demidov (24,400,000)
-Scott Montgomery (19,690,000)
-Peter Eastgate (18,375,000)
-Ylon Schwartz (12,525,000)
-Darus Suharto (12,520,000)
-David 'Chino' Rheem (10,230,000)
-Craig Marquis (10,210,000)
-Kelly Kim (2,620,000)

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