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An Absolute Travesty
by Karl Yu

One of the differences between online poker and poker played at an actual table or casino is that you can’t actually see your opponent’s face.

This can hinder seasoned players because they can’t read facial expressions or tells but the benefit is your pocket cards remain available for your eyes only, at least that is what people always assumed until a frightening incident at

Reports surfaced about two weeks ago that players were being cheated out of winnings.

The Associated Press citing posts from 2+2 Forum, reported that bloggers noticed irregular play from a player dubbed “POTRIPPER” that led them to believe the player knew opponents’ hole cards at the Kahnawake Mohawk-run site.

Sensing a storm coming, The Kahnawake Gaming Commission appointed a consulting firm to audit the AbsolutePoker site.

“The audit will not be restricted to examining theories circulating in Internet chat rooms and fora,” KGC chair David Montour said in a statement.

“It is essential that all online gaming and wagering is conducted in a fair and honest manner where customers are protected,” he said. “It is important that we, as a commission, act on findings and not allegations alone.”

A week later, reported that the “POTRIPPER” was a former AbsolutePoker employee who was able to hack into the system.

It also reported that “POTRIPPER” is estimated to have fraudulently won anywhere between $400-700,000.

“This is literally a geek trying to prove to senior management that they were wrong and he took it too far,” an anonymous source told MSNBC.

According to Gambling911, the culprit’s actual name is Alan John Grimard, aka A.J. Green who formerly worked at and among the other former employees Gambling911 queried, none had shining endorsements for their ex-co-worker.

And when trouble comes, it comes in droves and adding to the cheating scandal, is an unpaid bill to a marketing firm, Publicity Guaranteed.

The NY Times reports that Publicity Guaranteed was owed $43,000 by AbsolutePoker and that it went public with the payment owing to “shame its client”.

“We’re just saying we’re someone else that got shortchanged by Absolute Poker, and this should be public knowledge,” Publicity Guaranteed’s senior VP, Nat Kurok told the NY Times.

Reports indicate that AbsolutePoker is in the process of reimbursing players who were ripped off by "POTRIPPER" but there will probably be more fallout when all is said and done.

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