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Betting On The 2008 Academy Awards
by Karl Yu

Well the Writers Strike is over and the 80th Academy awards will go on, meaning we get to see Mary Hart and her false sense of enthusiasm during her red carpet interviews.

Something that has gone hand in hand with the Oscars for quite a while is Academy Award prop betting and with the big show scheduled for two weeks from now, it’s a good time to look at some options.


George Clooney (Michael Clayton +800) proved to be more than just a pretty face in 2005 when he won a Best Supporting Oscar for his role in Syriana. He is one of the favorites to take home the award for top actor for his portrayal of Michael Clayton in the movie bearing the same name.

For the most part, Johnny Depp (Sweeney Todd +800) chooses some non-mainstream roles but that only accentuates his acting chops. His vocals as well as his skills as an actor have earned him a nomination for the musical Sweeney Todd this year.

Can you think of a Daniel Day Lewis (There Will Be Blood -2500) role that hasn’t been intense? Lewis’ hardcore performance as oil prospector Daniel Plainview in There Will Be Blood makes him the odds-on to take the Best Actor Oscar.


Ellen Page (Juno +800) might follow in the footsteps of another Canadian born actress (Anna Paquin, Best Supporting 1993) as a youngster taking home an Academy Award—Page is only 20—if she wins for playing a pregnant teen in Juno.

Julie Christie (Away From Her -200) wowed audiences with her portrayal as a wife who distances herself from her husband because she is suffering from Alzheimer’s disease. Christie is so convincing that she is the odds-on at many sportsbooks.

Supporting Actor

Casey Affleck (Assassination of Jesse James . . . +900) could quite possibly be known as something other than Ben’s little brother if he takes the Best Supporting Oscar.

Javier Bardem’s (No Country for Old Men -1600) dialogue in the movie No Country for Old Men probably pales in comparison to the number of lines from co-stars Josh Brolin and Tommy Lee Jones, but actions speak louder than words for Bardem’s character, Anton Chigurh. A haunting performance to say the least.

Supporting Actress

Amy Ryan’s (Gone Baby Gone +225) turn as a single, drug abusing mother whose daughter goes missing in the disturbing film Gone Baby Gone has her as a strong contender for the Supporting Actress award.

It’s easy for guys to imitate Bob Dylan’s slurred singing voice but is it for a woman? Cate Blanchett (I’m Not There +130) work in the Dylan perspective film “I’m Not There” has her as the odds-on to be the 80th Best Supporting Actress award winner.


People love the Coen brothers and their films and No Country for Old Men (-250) is no different, but the question is, will the Academy like it more than the other nominees? Sportsbooks almost unanimously think so.

With No Country as the “heavyweight champion” odds-on favorite will There Will Be Blood (+400) be the underdog that pulls the upset? Daniel Day Lewis’ performance in the film is strong and maybe that will help it over the top.

A good film that is a longshot to take home Best Picture, is war epic Atonement (+1000)—war films have a successful track record in past awards.

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