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Online Poker Gadgets
by Karl Yu


If you havenít guessed by now, online poker is immensely popular. The UIGEA might have curbed some peoplesí enthusiasm to the skill game, but that doesnít mean people arenít still checking, raising and going all-in.

People have been known to plant their butts at land-based casinos, playing poker hours on end and the situation is no different online, save for one exception; it is done in the comfort of home.

With that in mind here are some technological wonders that will make your play more enjoyable:

CoolIT Systems USB Beverage Chiller

Whether you are playing land-based or in your home office, everybody enjoys a cold drink whilst playing poker.

With that in mind, CoolIT Systems has a little plug in device that will keep your Coke can ice cold.

The chiller is not just for online poker players as its 1.1 and 2.0 compatible USB plug can slide into ports on an Xbox and PS2 as well as a computer.

The cold plate can lower the temperature of a can or glass to about 45 ļF (7.5 ļC), but there is something you should be aware of; in exchange for cold drinks, the Beverage Chiller can be a drain on power.

In fact, according to, low grade computers could get a power drain warning within half-an-hour of use.

But half-an-hour of cooling time at 45 ļF will make just about anything ready to drink.

InFocus IN76 Play Big Projector

If you want to watch yourself calling someoneís bluff in a movie theater-like environment, check out this little doohickey.

Available in glossy black or silver, the IN76 Play Bigís widescreen resolution stands at 1280◊720 and can project a picture at 1000 ANSI lumens and at a 3000:1 contrast ratio.

If you donít feel like spending money on the top of the line IN76 model, you can also consider the IN74 and IN72 models as well.

Wireless Speaker Mousepad from Comfort House

As Phil Ivey and Daniel Negreanu will attest to, listening to music can be relaxing when youíre at the table. But that doesnít just hold true in pro-tournaments.

A game of online poker can be enhanced with your favorite tunes playing in the background.

With that in mind, consider this multi-purpose device available from Comfort House.

You canít play online poker without a wireless or wired mouse so why not kill two birds with one stone?

With the ability to play music from almost any audio sourceóiPod, digital player, TV and suchóthe combination mouse and pad can not only play tunes, but can scan FM frequencies as well as allow you to check, raise, fold or go all-in with a click.

Unfortunately it offers only mono sound so donít expect your tunes to sound crystal clear.

It uses three AAA batteries to operate.

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